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IPAF Training

Operator's license for aerial work platforms


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The key to safe and efficient use of working platforms is thorough operator training in accordance with DGUV Grundsatz 308-008 (formerly BGG 966).  More and more companies are opting for professional, practice-oriented training. mateco conducts training in accordance with the internationally recognized IPAF standard.  This concept was developed by working platform users and safety experts and has been continuously expanded. IPAF training is certified by TÜV in accordance with ISO 18878 and is in line with DGUV principle 308-008. IPAF training can be conducted for various equipment categories.  The overview of the IPAF categories shows you what these are and which types of working platforms the categories contain in each case.

But at mateco you will not only find training courses for operators of working platforms, but also for instructors and managers. You can find our complete range of IPAF training courses here:

Prerequisites for participation in the IPAF training course for work platform operators:

  • At least 18 years of age*
  • Physical and mental aptitude and fitness for working at heights
  • Knowledge of written and spoken German**

* Exceptions are trainees who are under constant supervision (in accordance with DGUV-G 308-008).

** Training can be conducted with an interpreter commissioned by the customer. The examination forms can also be provided in different languages. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

An IPAF course for MEWP operators lasts one day and costs per participant:

  • for one category: 315,- EUR net (320,- EUR net in 2024)
  • for two categories: 345,- EUR net (350,- EUR net in 2024)
  • for three categories: 395,- EUR net (400,- EUR net in 2024)

plus 45,- EUR IPAF license fee

Do you have any questions? Our IPAF team will be happy to help you by phone on 0800 3 227 000 272 (free of charge) or 02802 949 272.

In addition to the classic training concepts, the mateco Academy now also uses modern training methods. You can now take the theory lessons of the PlatformCard through a web-based training (WBT). Thus, we provide an e-learning training program that is available for you to study 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7). The training is carried out in conformity with the DGUV principle 308-008 and ISO 18878:2013 and is therefore nationally and internationally valid.

Benefits of e-learning of the PlatformCard

    • Flexible access to training content whenever you want (24/7)
    • Less time needed for the training
    • Theory and practice can be performed independently
    • Content is updated regularly
    • Intuitive guidance through the training
    • Deepening of content through image and sound
    • Intermediate exams and interactive modules consolidate the learning content
    • Companies have full control over who participated
    • The academy reminds in time to comply with the regularity, according to the legal requirements

    The following list prices apply to online training:

    • PlatformCard (theory via e-learning and practice training on site): 339,- EUR (345,- EUR net in 2024)
    • Annual instruction (e-learning): 145,- EUR (155,- EUR net in 2024)

    Nationally, the IPAF operator training is valid indefinitely. The prerequisite for this is annual instruction in accordance with the ArbSchG. Internationally, however, the validity is limited to 5 years in accordance with ISO 18878 certification.

    Prerequisites for participation in the IPAF extension course:

    Possession of a valid IPAF operator training course Proof of regular practical experience* Physical and mental aptitude and fitness for working at height Knowledge of written and spoken German**

    * Proof of at least 60 entries in the logbook, including 10 entries from the year before the expiry date. Alternatively, written confirmation from the employer that the operator has used work platforms at least 60 times over a period of 5 years (of which at least 10 times in the year prior to the expiry date) is sufficient.

    ** Training can be conducted with an interpreter appointed by the customer. The examination forms can also be made available in different languages. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Für unsere IPAF-Schulungen für Arbeitsbühnenbediener gelten die folgenden Listenpreise:

    • IPAF-Bedienerkurs:
      bei einer Kategorie: 320,- € je Person (zzgl. 45,- € IPAF-Lizenzgebühr)
      bei zwei Kategorien: 350,- € je Person (zzgl. 45,- € IPAF-Lizenzgebühr)
      bei drei Kategorien: 400,- € je Person (zzgl. 45,- € IPAF-Lizenzgebühr)
    • IPAF-Verlängerungskurs:
      bei einer Kategorie: 275,- € je Person
      bei zwei Kategorien: 295,- € je Person 
      bei drei Kategorien: 345,- € je Person

    Die Nachweise für unsere IPAF-Schulungen werden kostenlos über eine App zur Verfügung gestellt.
    Gerne können wir zu einem Aufpreis in Höhe von 70,- € auch einen physischen Ausweis erstellen und Ihnen zusenden. Wenn Sie eine solche PAL Card in gedruckter Form benötigen, teilen Sie uns dies bitte bei der Schulungsanmeldung im Feld Anmerkung mit.

    Für E-Learning- und WBT-Schulungen gelten ebenfalls die genannten Preise.

    Die Preise gelten für Anmeldungen, die aus Deutschland erfolgen zzgl. MwSt. Für Nebenleistungen können Zusatzkosten entstehen. 

    Note on group training courses:
    Group training dates can be discussed individually with the mateco Academy team. Please contact us at or +49 2802 949272. 

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