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Working platforms for various industries

Every company and every industry is different. And that's why every task must also be solved individually. With over 700 different equipment variants, we have the right working platform for any use. Discover for yourself how creative we are when it's a matter of meeting our customers' requirements. 

Successful companies have no time to spare. That's why maintenance and installation must usually take place during ongoing production. However, in large factory buildings limits are quickly reached with simple ladders and rolling scaffolds. But that's not a problem for us, as mateco working platforms require little space, are compact and lightweight and are therefore ideal for all work in tight spaces. With the flexible jib and optimized articulated joint technology we carry out workflows simply and efficiently even in hard-to-reach locations. As a result, you can easily also carry out maintenance and installation work beyond systems and machines. And that during ongoing production!

In the construction sector, economy plays a very important role. Our customers must work effectively and safely everywhere – and reduce costs in the process. So it comes as no surprise that well-known construction companies have used the reliable technology of mateco working platforms for many years. Reputable companies form the steel and hall construction industry also depend on us. The question of why can be answered quickly: With the mateco access technology, steel beams and concrete parts installation can be carried out just as simply and quickly as roof termination (attics) or masonry work.

Whether window elements on the external facade need to be replaced or electrical cables in the basement must be repaired, whether the sunblinds on the ceiling in the reception hall are jammed or simply only new light bulbs have to be screwed in at the swimming pool – high buildings also have high maintenance and care requirements. Your partner for all these tasks is mateco. Our working platforms optimally support your employees. With a working height up to 90 metres or a lateral reach of up to 41 metres, most access problems can be solved economically, even if the terrain is rough and the ground is sensitive.

mateco working platforms are irreplaceable helpers for forestry and gardening workers. Above all, customers appreciate the enormous flexibility and range of applications of our equipment. For with a maximum working height of 90 metres or a maximum lateral reach of 41 metres, most access problems can be solved: safely, reliably and inexpensively. The terrain is rough and the ground is sensitive? For cases like these, we offer you extremely flexible working platforms on a rubber track chassis. With rubber buffers on the supports, these working platforms can be supported on a slope of up to 30% in a manner that is very gentle to the ground.

The basis for lasting success on the mobile communications market is an intact, nationwide network. If you want to continue to expand and optimise your wireless network, you must know where transmission is possible interference-free. Replacement circuits—positioned quickly and flexibly at various locations—are also necessary. This also sounds very complex and expensive, but it's not. For at mateco you will find solutions for DRIVE tests that we have matched especially to your needs. And we're also the right partner for you for lot and turn-key applications and network maintenance according to DIN and VDE standards.

A film without suspense and unexpected developments is boring. That's quite different for the film's production: Here excitement and unpleasant surprises should be avoided at all costs. For time is money. Exactly for this reason large German television stations like ARD, ZDF, RTL or SAT 1 and leading film and production companies trust in mateco. What do our customers particularly appreciate about us? Our adherence to deadlines and our high quality. And that has already been the case for many years now. mateco working platforms prove themselves daily in many film and television productions as high-altitude camera locations and carriers for lighting systems. In addition, they are effective aids when installing light and sound technology; they serve as set decorations or act as flexible show stages at events.

Our customers carry out facade and window cleaning on office buildings or work in large factory buildings with great skill. However at some point they reach their limits with simple ladders and mobile scaffolds. And then they contact mateco. We offer flexible access solutions for rent. Cleaning work can't be performed any easier. From the entrance area of an office building up into the top floor, from the industrial floor of a production building to a rotating company logo on the roof, everything becomes shiny and clean. An uncomplicated access solution is also important in congested inner-cities, on high facades or in large plant buildings. Anyone who wants to work effectively and safely here, needs mateco.

Often, even the most difficult-to-access space is used to place advertising messages effectively. This can be a video board at a congested intersection, a large neon sign on the roof of the DIY store or the advertising in a football stadium. Here it quickly becomes clear: A ladder is too short and it would take too long to set up the scaffolding. Now a safe, flexible access technology must be provided with which you can easily and quickly reach all relevant areas of the building. mateco supports you in this task. With our working platforms you reach heights up to 90 metres. Our equipment can be continuously swivelled and have all the extras you need as standard. We'll help you select the right equipment.

With advanced technology and great skill, mateco reaches even the most difficult corners and remote areas—and therefore becomes the ideal partner for the maintenance or repair of ships. With mateco working platforms, you carry out all work quickly and inexpensively. Whether it's below or on deck, on the hull or on a new bow nose. Especially practical: For rough shipyard use, we have provided our equipment with special extras: For example, a double air filter system, ram protection or stripping brushes on the mast levels. And if the time schedule should be tight, our working platforms will also be happy to smell the fresh sea air—for example, during a test drive.

The working fields in cities and local communities are diverse for the municipal administration when it comes to working at height: From tree cutting, to the installation and maintenance of public street lamps, maintenance of power lines, the hanging of Christmas lighting up to the cleaning of urban buildings. The working platforms at mateco are perfect working tools, especially our truck platforms with heights of up to 90 meters. They are ideal helpers for work right on the road. With the extensible supports and the support plates, you get a safe stand, even in difficult to reach places. Whether you need short-term or long-term rental, special technology, equipment or color, you will receive the working platform matching your special requirements.