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Training for the operation of telescopic forklifts


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Working with telescopic forklifts is associated with a number of risks, not only due to the vertical movement, but primarily because of the variable reach.

  • Fewer work-related accidents
  • Fulfilment of the duty of care
  • Faster, safer working conditions
  • Reduction of equipment malfunctions caused by incorrect operation

Prerequisites for participation in the TelestaplerCard training course:

  • Completion of the 18th year of age*
  • Physical and mental aptitude
  • Knowledge of written and spoken German**

* Exceptions are trainees who are under constant supervision (in accordance with DGUV-G 308-009).

** Training can be carried out with an interpreter. 

The TelestaplerCard training is carried out at mateco in accordance with DGUV principle 308-009. On request, the mateco Academy also offers you the option of completing the theoretical part as a webinar via Microsoft Teams.

Level 1: Rigid telescopic forklifts

General qualification for telescopic forklifts DIN EN 1459-1 with a training period of two days.

Level 2: Rotating telescopic forklifts and use as working platform

  • Level 2a: Additional qualification for rotating telescopic forklifts DIN EN 1459-2. The training lasts one day and can be carried out if level 1 has been successfully completed.
  • Level 2b: Additional qualification for use as working platform
    Level 2b can be certified if proof of qualification in accordance with DGUV-G 308-008 (PlattformCard) is available. 

The theoretical part covers the following topics:

  • Telescopic forklifts and their drive types
  • Special features of the areas of application
  • Behavior in case of damage, accidents and fires
  • Additional equipment and its use
  • Relevant accident prevention regulations

The practical part covers the following topics:

  • Commissioning and operation 
  • Use of different attachments/devices
  • Driving and operating exercises 

The following list prices apply to our TelestaplerCard training courses: 

  • TelestaplerCard Starr: €570 per person (two-day training)
  • TelestaplerCard Roto: €345 per person (one-day follow-up training)

The prices apply to registrations from Germany plus VAT. Additional costs maybe incurred for ancillary services. 

Note on group training courses:
Group training dates can be discussed individually with the mateco Academy team. Please contact us at Akademie(at) or +49 2802 949272.


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