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IPAF Training

Operator's license for aerial work platforms


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The one-day IPAF operator training course takes place at mateco in accordance with the guidelines of the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) and provides participants with the basic qualification to work with access platforms both nationally and internationally. The training not only provides comprehensive theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills to operate aerial work platforms safely and efficiently.

Nationally, the IPAF operator training is valid indefinitely, but internationally the validity is limited to 5 years. With the one-day IPAF extension course, the operator training can be extended internationally by a further 5 years.

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This one-day follow-up training course enables participants to instruct other operators (no trainer training).

Successfully completing an instruction course authorises you to make the operators of aerial work platforms aware of their responsibilities during use, explain their tasks to them and explain the preparations before starting work and how to operate safely.

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By taking part in the IPAF management course, managers will learn everything they need to know about the use of MEWPs.

During the one-day training course, participants acquire the ability to take into account all relevant aspects for the provision and safe coordination of different types of aerial work platforms required for the respective area of responsibility.

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