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Annual instruction

Instruction for the handling of forklift trucks


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The aim of the instruction is to ensure safe behaviour when handling forklift trucks.

Instruction offers you the opportunity to pass on our expertise and experience to your employees and thus make your company more successful.

Advantages of instruction:

  • Your employees learn how to assess risks and therefore work with fewer mistakes
  • You fulfil the legal obligations for instruction.
  • The employees know which protective equipment and safety measures are prescribed.
  • Your employees can work safely and smoothly and are therefore more productive.
  • Your employees are more motivated, as they see that your health and safety are important in the company.
  • Your work procedures are more reliable, as the employees are better informed.

According to Section 12 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Section 12 of the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health and Section 4 of DGUV Regulation 1, employers must instruct their employees regularly (at least once a year). DGUV Regulation 1 even requires written proof.

Regular instruction is necessary because everyone forgets much of what they have learnt after a while. Just try to remember everything you once learnt at school.

Experience shows that even under the most favourable circumstances, much is forgotten again. Especially when no accidents occur, the dangers and protective measures are quickly forgotten and new instruction is necessary to refresh the memory.

Prerequisites for participation in the annual instruction for forklift trucks:

  • Valid operator training in accordance with DGUV-G 308-001, such as the StaplerCard
  • Knowledge of written and spoken German*

* Instruction can be carried out with an interpreter. 

The annual instruction includes a theoretical part, which can be booked as part of the StaplerCard training or as a separate appointment. The instruction is carried out without a written performance check and only serves to refresh the existing knowledge with a duration of approx two hours. On request, the mateco Academy also offers you the option of completing the training as a webinar via Microsoft Theams.


The training covers two main topics: 

  • The hazards to which employees are exposed in their work 
  • The protective measures to avert these hazards. 

The following list price applies for the annual instruction for forklift trucks:

  • Annual instruction: €185 per person

The price applies to registrations from Germany plus VAT. Additional costs maybe incurred for ancillary services. 

Note on group training courses:
Group training dates can be discussed individually with the mateco Academy team. Please contact us at or +49 2802 949272.


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