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IPAF Instructor Course

Training for instructors of mobile elevating work platforms


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Building on the IPAF operator training course, trainees can take on the role of supervisor with the IPAF supervisor course, which offers the following advantages:


  • The instructor course is valid for 5 years and must be renewed within the validity period
  • Faster and more efficient instruction on the work platforms, so there is no need to wait for instruction when the equipment is handed over
  • Comprehensive knowledge of how to operate the work platforms

Prerequisites for participation in an IPAF instruction course for working platform operators:

  • Currently valid IPAF operator training
  • Can only take place in the same categories as the operator training
  • Physical and mental aptitude and fitness for working at heights
  • Knowledge of written and spoken German*

* Training can be conducted with an interpreter appointed by the customer. The examination forms can also be provided in different languages. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

The training course lasts one day. The training is held either at one of our training centres throughout Germany or at your premises. Qualified trainers teach in small, effective groups with a maximum of eight participants. On request, the mateco Academy also offers you the option of completing the theoretical part as a webinar via Microsoft Teams.

The theory and practical sections cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to the machine
  • Carrying out basic operating instructions
  • Daily inspection
  • Defect report
  • Procedure for the handover certificate
  • Practical role play of the handover procedure
  • Revise and complete the audit

The following list prices apply to our IPAF instructor course:

  • for one category: € 320.00 per person (plus € 45.00 IPAF licence fee)
  • for two categories: €350 per person (plus €45.00 IPAF licence fee)
  • for three categories: €400 per person (plus €45.00 IPAF licence fee)

The certificates for our IPAF training courses are provided free of charge via an app.

We can also create and send you a physical card for an additional charge of €70. If you require such a PAL Card in printed form, please let us know in the comments field when you make your training enquiry.

The prices apply to registrations from Germany plus VAT. Additional costs may be incurred for ancillary services.

Note on group training courses:
Group training dates can be discussed individually with the mateco Academy team. Please contact us at or +49 2802 949272. 

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