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Sustainability is more than just environmental protection.
We take responsibility.

Sustainability is more than just environmental protection. Sustainability is a principle of action, which is based on sustainable management with resources from ecology, economy and social issues. In addition to nature, we are primarily committed to the people inside and outside our company to act in accordance with the principle of sustainability.

What does that mean at mateco?

Optimizing of our processes

We value paperless processes and introduce digital alternatives wherever possible, e.g. when recording pickups of our working platforms. Waste separation is a matter of course in all of our locations. In addition, we have hazardous materials such as oils, lubricants, tires, batteries, etc. disposed exclusively by certified service providers. On request we can offer devices with bio-oil and only required and permitted chemical cleaning agents are used in the cleaning process of our machine fleet. The work clothing for our industrial employees is rental clothing, which optimizes the entire clothing cycle and is cleaned in an environmentally friendly and water-saving manner. We regularly question our suppliers' minimum requirements in terms of quality, the environment, occupational safety and corporate social responsibility. When purchasing our IT technology, we pay attention to the appropriate environmental label.


Sustainable building management

When building new buildings as well as our existing buildings, we always check whether we can generate our own electricity using solar systems, e.g. for charging electrical devices. We use energy-saving elements, be it in heating systems or in the lighting technology on our office floors. Wherever possible, we invest in green areas instead of concrete areas.


Protecting and promoting the health of our employees

For us, sustainability means to a very special degree to take care of our human resources, i.e. paying attention to our employees. This is why at mateco, occupational health and safety play a key role in sustainability. mateco GmbH is certified according to the BGHW's “Safe with System” seal of approval in accordance with the industry-specific implementation of the NLF / ILO-OSH 2001. In addition, we offer our employees various measures to promote health and above-average benefits such as height-adjustable tables, as well as regular instructions on occupational safety.


Investing in a sustainable machine fleet

An ever increasing percentage of our devices (> 67% as of 05/2023) are based on electrical and / or hybrid drives. With the battery-operated devices, we offer a solution that enables emission-free work. For example with the LT 100 E, with which you can work 100% emission-free! Activities in sensitive areas, e.g. indoors or in noise protection zones, can be carried out unhindered. Use in narrow city centers, in shopping centers that you have to drive into (even during opening hours), exhibition halls or industrial halls are no problem with the LT 100 E.

In addition to the LT 100 E, we have many other working platforms with electric drives and hybrid devices in our rental portfolio.

We would be happy to offer you the right working platform with electric drive for your next application. Simply use our rental request and select the drive type "Electric" in the first step "Define requirements"!

Taking over a bee sponsorship

Nature is close to our hearts! With a sponsorship for six newly founded bee colonies, we are therefore committed to the protection of bees and thus take responsibility for our environment. Why we are doing this? Because the honey bee, which pollinates about 80% of all crops and wild plants worldwide, is massively threatened. Thanks to our support, new habitat for 30,000 bees was created near our company headquarters in Leonberg (you can find more information here).  


For further questions or advice, please contact our team at or +49 800 20 11 600 (free of charge).