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Operator's license for aerial work platforms


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The IPAF management course trains managers in the use of aerial work platforms and is usually conducted digitally as e-learning. This offers the following advantages for participants:

  • Flexible in terms of time
  • Insight into the legal obligations and rights in connection with aerial work platforms
  • Process streamlining
    • Faster equipment selection
    • Recognise problem solutions more quickly on site
    • An on-site visit (BVO) is no longer absolutely necessary
    • Greater awareness of risk assessment

Prerequisites for participation in an IPAF management course:

  • A personalised email address 
  • Tablet or computer with camera
    (The e-learning uses sophisticated facial recognition throughout the online training and assessment session to ensure the applicant's identity and prevent any attempt to fraudulently obtain the qualification)
  • Knowledge of spoken and written German or English

The IPAF supervisor course lasts approximately 6 to 8 hours and provides comprehensive knowledge about the types of work platforms.
The e-learning is divided into manageable sections that participants can complete at their own pace. The training can also be saved at any time and continued at a later date.

The following list price applies to our IPAF management course:

  • Managers' course: € 290 per person

The certificates for our IPAF training courses are provided free of charge via an app.
We can also create and send you a physical card for an additional charge of €70. If you require such a PAL Card in printed form, please let us know in the field Note when registering for the training course.

The price applies to registrations from Germany plus VAT. Additional costs may arise for ancillary services.

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