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Branch office Ravensburg

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Rautbrühl 11
88214 Ravensburg
Phone +49 (0)751 7692435-0
Fax +49 (0)751 7692435-11


Rental / customer service

Phone +49 (0)751 7692435-0

Technical service

Phone +49 (0)74619 610-46

Branch management

Phone +49 (0)751 7692435-25

Regional management

Phone +49 (0)89 6202197-18

Technical management

Phone +49 (0)711 95556-25

There are many possible applications for a working platform. For all working platforms there is mateco. At mateco in Ravensburg, you can rent working platforms in all sizes. Whether you want to rent a scissor lift, a telescopic working platform or a truck-mounted working platform, you will find the right working platform for every application. mateco can also be found in the Ravensburg area, for example in Tuttlingen

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