Telescopic off-road forklifts (industrial devices)

The powerful choice for any construction site—on request also available with a rotating upper carriage (Roto). Whether with fork arms, a loading bucket, work basket, crane hook or hydraulic winch—these machine can do it all. The all-wheel drive and the all-wheel steering always offer outstanding traction everywhere. Lifting heights up to 26.0 m and a maximum load capacity up to 6,000 kg get you to your operating site even in difficult situations.

TypeWorking HeightCapacityTransport dimensions
TS 0625 D 4x45.80 m2.5 t3.84 m1.81 m1.92 mPDF Request
TS 0626 D 4x45.80 m2.6 t4.40 m2.04 m2.18 mPDF Request
TS 0625 D 4x45.85 m2.5 t3.90 m1.82 m2.05 mPDF Request
TS 0625 D 4x45.90 m2.5 t3.90 m1.80 m1.92 mPDF Request
TS 0860 D 4x48.10 m6.0 t5.36 m2.40 m2.46 mPDF Request
TS 0828 D 4x48.20 m2.8 t4.25 m2.00 m2.00 mPDF Request
TS 0940 D 4x49.00 m4.0 t5.62 m2.38 m2.41 mPDF Request
TS 0932 D 4x49.00 m3.2 t4.68 m2.34 m2.30 mPDF Request
TS 0940 D 4x49.00 m4.0 t3.90 m1.80 m1.92 mPDF Request
TS 1072 D 4x49.40 m7.2 t5.35 m2.33 m2.44 mPDF Request
TS 1340 D 4x412.50 m4.0 t5.41 m2.24 m2.42 mPDF Request
TS 1338 D 4x412.60 m3.8 t5.24 m2.22 m2.44 mPDF Request
TS 1440 D 4x413.53 m4.0 t6.13 m2.37 m2.45 mPDF Request
TS 1740 D 4x416.70 m4.0 t6.49 m2.45 m2.61 mPDF Request
TS 1740 D 4x416.70 m4.0 t5.80 m2.40 m2.51 mPDF Request
TS 1840 D 4x417.55 m4.0 t6.27 m2.42 m2.50 mPDF Request
TypeWorking HeightCapacityTransport dimensions
TSR 1638 D 4x415.80 m3.8 t6.24 m2.24 m2.85 mPDF Request
TSR 1640 D 4x415.80 m4.0 t6.37 m2.40 m2.97 mPDF Request
TSR 1840 D 4x417.60 m4.0 t6.60 m2.40 m2.99 mPDF Request
TSR 1840 D 4x417.90 m4.0 t5.55 m2.40 m2.97 mPDF Request
TSR 2150 D 4x420.60 m5.0 t6.78 m2.43 m3.03 mPDF Request
TSR 2145 D 4x420.80 m4.5 t6.60 m2.40 m2.98 mPDF Request
TSR 2460 D 4x423.90 m6.0 t7.43 m2.49 m3.10 mPDF Request
TSR 2540 D 4x424.60 m4.0 t7.82 m2.43 m3.11 mPDF Request
TSR 2640 D 4x426.00 m4.0 t6.98 m2.40 m2.95 mPDF Request
TSR 3050 D 4x429.70 m5.0 t7.78 m2.50 m3.26 mPDF Request
TSR 3255 D 4x431.60 m5.5 t8.11 m2.50 m3.19 mPDF Request
telescopic off-road forklifts
TS Telescopic off-road forklift
TSR Roto telescopic forklift with rotating upper carriage

4x4 All-wheel drive
D Diesel drive
PF Particulate Filter

No liability shall be accepted for printing errors. Subject to technical changes. All specifications relating to dimensions, weights and the working diagrams are approximate specifications. Actual specifications for the same device types at different branches may differ from the specifications cited, this being due, for example, to product innovations and product-related tolerances. Please ask your mateco sales representative for more detailed information.