Forklift trucks (industrial trucks) powered by still

They keep the in-plant handling and transport of goods running. Equipped with a internal combustion engine or electric motor, the forklifts are used both outdoors and indoors. Here load capacities up to 8,000 kg are not uncommon and special lifting heights up to 12.40 m (on request) can also be achieved. For special applications there are, for example, tyres that produce minimal marking.

TypeWorking HeightCapacity
RX 20-153.23 m1.5 tPDF Request
RX 20-163.23 m1.6 tPDF Request
RX 20-203.15 m2.0 tPDF Request
RX 60-253.02 m2.5 tPDF Request
RX 60-303.02 m3.0 tPDF Request
RX 60-352.82 m3.5 tPDF Request
RX 60-502.98 m5.0 tPDF Request
TypeWorking HeightCapacityTransport dimensions
RX 70-203.15 m2.0 t---PDF Request
RX 70-253.02 m2.5 t---PDF Request
RX 70-303.02 m3.0 t---PDF Request
GSG 5030 D 4x45.00 m3.0 t3.49 m1.92 m2.79 mPDF Request
GSG 5530 D 4x45.50 m3.0 t3.49 m1.92 m2.98 mPDF Request
RX 70-352.82 m3.5 t---PDF Request
GSG 5050 D 4x45.00 m5.0 t3.74 m2.08 m2.76 mPDF Request
GSG 5550 D 4x45.50 m5.0 t3.74 m2.08 m2.91 mPDF Request
R 70-503.18 m5.0 t---PDF Request
R 70-803.10 m8.0 t---PDF Request
TypeWorking HeightCapacity
EXV 124.30 m1.2 kgPDF Request
EGV 165.00 m1.6 tPDF Request
EGV 205.00 m2.0 tPDF Request
TypeWorking HeightCapacity
FM-X 175.75 m1.7 tPDF Request
FM-X 205.58 m2.0 tPDF Request
No liability shall be accepted for printing errors. Subject to technical changes. All specifications relating to dimensions, weights and the working diagrams are approximate specifications. Actual specifications for the same device types at different branches may differ from the specifications cited, this being due, for example, to product innovations and product-related tolerances. Please ask your mateco sales representative for more detailed information.