1. Define requirements

Insulation in accordance with DIN VDE 0682-742 'Aerial devices for working on live parts with voltages up to a.c. 1000 V and d.c. 1500 V'

2. Select device

  • up to 90m

    Truck-mounted working platforms

  • up to 30m


  • up to 34m

    Scissors and vertical lifts

  • up to 4.9m

    LLA Self Propelled

  • up to 3.5m

    LLA Push Around

  • up to 58m

    Telescopic platforms

  • up to 15m

    Telescoping mast platforms

  • up to 43m

    Articulating booms

  • up to 42m

    Special platforms

  • up to 31m

    Telescopic off-road forklifts

  • up to 8m

    Forklift trucks

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